Business Consulting Defining Direction

Do You Know Your True Heading?

Our Experience

After seeing leadership from many different vantage points we bring our experience and knowledge to your business and leaders. We also understand what makes a company tick. We are certified through MHS to deliver EQ-i 2.0 assessments. Understanding Emotional Intelligence is key to driving culture in a business. And culture drives success. Business consulting, management consulting, talent development, retreat facilitation, training seminars, keynote speaking, our just some of our solutions custom built just for you! 

Why Us?

What sets us apart is our background and passion. We all have served our country in leadership positions. We have also been in corporate America driving business. We know how to combine the two to give your leaders real tools they can use to be successful. From business consulting, to management consulting, and talent development, we have exactly what you are looking for to take your organization to the next level. 

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Why invest in your Leaders?

The question shouldn't be "Why should we take the time and money to train and develop our people?" but rather "What happens if we don't?" Talent development is key! Your people drive your business. Give them the tools to succeed! 

EQ vs IQ

Ever wonder how someone with a very high IQ wasn't able to succeed in business? Why the person that dropped out of school became a success? Understanding Emotional Intelligence is more important than you realize. Our business consulting solutions include assessments to help understand where your organization and culture is at. 

Cultivating Your High Potentials

There are people in your company right now that can drive it forward. Supervisors, managers, leaders that hold the key to your business's success. Through our talent development, turn them into the leaders that will propel your business into the future with our proven training. 

EQ 2.0 Assessment

We offer our assessments in many different ways to fit your needs. From leadership potential profiles to complete 360 evaluations we have your solution. Talent development is essential to a successful organization. Invest in them and watch your company grow! 


We will build the perfect retreat for your company. Whether that's a three day conference off site to a one day seminar, our events will deliver! We incorporate business and management consulting along with talent development in all of our seminars and retreats. The right solution, every time. 


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